Hot Spring Silver Ion Cartridge

Hot Spring Silver Ion Cartridge
Item# WM71325

Product Description

Hot Spring Silver Ion Cartridge
Silver is an effective bactericide. A Silver Ion Cartridge in your filter compartment releases a steady supply of silver ions into the hot tub water to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is a fast, simple and effective way to sanitize your hot tub!

Silver ions reduce the need for chlorine in the water. Use an oxidizer product (such as SeaKlear Spa Balanced Shock) before you use your hot tub to activate the silver ions in the water.

Silver ions work best when your hot tub has an ozonator installed. Call our Service Center at 206.431.2876 to have an ozone unit installed on your hot tub.

Change your Silver Ion Cartridge every four months to ensure proper sanitizing of your spa.

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