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Complete Hot Tub Water Balancing Kit Calcium Hardness Test Kit Taylor Trouble Shooter Test Kit
Calcium Hardness Test Kit
Our Price: $35.95
Everything you need to test and balance your hot tub water for traditional Chlorine or Ozone based systems. Save over buying these items individually! The most accurate method for testing hot tub water hardness! The most accurate method for testing hot tub water! This kit will test total alkalinity, pH, free chlorine or bromine, and total chlorine or bromine.
Spa Ozone Detection Kit AquaChek TruTest Digital Reader Strips Salt Test Strips for your ACE Salt Water System
Spa Ozone Detection Kit
Our Price: $12.95
This simple 30-second test will tell you if your ozone generator is functioning properly. For use with the AquaChek TruTest Digital Pool & Hot Tub Water Testing Meter ONLY. Tests for free chlorine or bromine, pH & total alkalinity. 50 strips per bottle These are the test strips that correctly measure the salt level in Hot Spring & Limelight hot tubs using the ACE Salt Water System. Note--Test strips do expire. Be sure you are using test strips prior to the expiration date for accurate test results.
Insta Test 4-in-1 Spa Test Strips Aqua Check Phosphate Test Kit Taylor Trouble Shooter Reagents (Individual)
Simple to use. Easy to read. Measures Free Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, PH, and Hardness levels.
Simple to use - just three easy steps. If you're having trouble with foamy water or having trouble keeping sanitizer in your hot tub, you may have an elevated Phosphate level.
Individual replacement reagents for the Taylor Troubleshooter Test Kit.
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